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Thad Cochran campaign labels Chris...

Thad Cochran campaign labels Chris McDaniel ‘narcissist’ for new stunt #mssen #mchostage

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 3, 2014

Rubicon recrossed: McDaniel $1K fraud bounty

UPDATED: The Cochran campaign is accusing McDaniel of narcissism in response to McDaniel’s offer of $1K bounty for vote fraud evidence.

Cochran campaign spokesman Jordan Russell: “With each passing day, and each new stunt, it becomes clearer and clearer that Chris McDaniel does not care about Mississippi, that he does not care about the integrity of the process, that he does not care about winning a majority in the Senate and keeping the seat in Republican hands in November.

“What Chris McDaniel cares about is himself. The only thing Chris McDaniel cares about is himself, actually.”

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