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Talking Points Memo: @senatormcdaniel...

Talking Points Memo: @senatormcdaniel retweets white supremacist account – YP UPDATE

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 19, 2014

Miss. Tea Party Senate Candidate Retweets White Supremacist Account

The twitter account belonging to state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R-MS) retweeted a tweet from an account that appears to back a a hard-right Greek political party and regularly publishes white supremacist tweets.

The @senatormcdaniel twitter account on Sunday retweeted a message from RRSmith #WR (@rrsray).

The bio for the account says the author is located in “Occupied CSA.” The description reads: “Nationalist, staunch proponent of 2nd & 10th Amendment, GoldenDawn & Southern Nationalism.” Golden Dawn is a hard-right Greek political group that is often labeled fascist or neo-Nazi.

Tweets from the account regularly have to do with secession and black oppression of whites.

Talking Points Memo


It appears that the campaign has “un-reTweeted” the tweet.

Here’s the screen capture from 2/18/14

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