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> looks at MS Conservatives... looks at MS Conservatives PAC ad

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 12, 2014

Distortions in Mississippi GOP Primary

The ads say, “Who is Chris McDaniel? … The McDaniel opposed to Common Core education standards? Or the one voting to fund it in the state Senate?”

The ad’s fine print identifies those votes as H.B. 1593 in 2012 and H.B. 1648 in 2013. The ad is absolutely right that McDaniel voted for both bills — which were massive annual appropriations bills for the Mississippi schools. Both passed without a single vote of opposition. H.B. 1593 was a $2 billion bill that included $400,000 for Common Core professional development and $94,082 for Common Core literacy, and H.B. 1648 was a $2.1 billion bill that included $94,081 for Common Core literacy. So, the bills totaled $4.1 billion and included $588,163 for Common Core.

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