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House OKs concussion bill

House OKs concussion bill

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 13, 2014

House OKs concussion bill

The House on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a youth concussion bill.

House Bill 48, passed Thursday by a vote of 116-1, would set protocols for dealing with any young athlete showing signs of a concussion. Under the legislation, an athlete who reports or show symptoms or signs of a concussion must be removed from a practice or game for at least one day and wouldn’t be allowed to return to practice or competition until cleared by a health provider.

Both the House and Senate are pushing the youth concussion legislation this session. Mississippi is the last state in the country without a youth concussion law.

Thursday’s vote in the House was significant. The bill was authored by House Public Health Chairman Sam Mims, whose committee killed a Senate concussion bill in 2012.

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