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McDaniel – Welcome to...

McDaniel – Welcome to Washington’s Fantasy Land

By: Magnolia Tribune - December 13, 2013

Welcome to Washington’s Fantasy Land

If you want to know how out of touch Washington politicians on both sides of the aisle are with hardworking Americans just take a look at the latest bipartisan budget deal.

Every responsible American family understands the simple facts of balancing their checkbooks. When times are tough, they cut back to make ends meet. They don’t max out their credit cards and then apply for more credit cards. They make sacrifices and work hard. It makes perfect sense that the American people expect Washington politicians to make the same kind of responsible budget decisions.

But if you look at Washington, you have to wonder if our representatives live in a fantasy world. This week, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan and Democratic Senator Patty Murray agreed to a budget deal for 2014 that increases federal discretionary spending to over a trillion dollars from the $967 billion spent in 2013 and obliterates the modest budget cuts agreed to under sequestration.


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