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A sneak peak at what Democrats and...

A sneak peak at what Democrats and House leaders think about this election

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 17, 2011

At a rally for Reverend Gary Houston, who is running against incumbent Rep. Greg Snowden (R) in House District 83 in Meridian, Democrat Executive Director Rickey Cole and House Committee Chairs gave a rare and unusually direct sneak peak at what they’re thinking about this election.

The youtube videos (hattip Majority) are worth watching in their entirety.

Rep. Robert Johnson spoke about the other African American running as a 3rd party candidate in the District 83 race. Let’s not be fooled that every African American is a good person. That’s not true.

Sen. Kenny Wayne Jones spoke about the importance of keeping the House as a counterbalance to the Governor. He (Phil Bryant) just don’t care about African Americans at all.

Dem. Executive Director Rickey Cole had one interesting quote- When you have the gavel in your hand . . . you’re in charge. You have power.

Cole is right about the power of the gavel. In fact, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We will see how it works out on November 8th.

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