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PERRY – Department of In-Justice...

PERRY – Department of In-Justice in Noxubee

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 14, 2011

Department of In-Justice in Noxubee

While a civil rights attorney at DOJ, Adams investigated and prosecuted Democratic Party boss Ike Brown of Noxubee County for violating the voting rights of a white minority. Adams resigned from DOJ when the bureau dismissed a lawsuit against the New Black Panther Party members who, dressed in fatigues and carrying weapons, intimidated white voters at a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania precinct in 2008 and challenged black Republican poll watchers as “race traitors.” Had these been militant whites threatening black voters in Philadelphia, Mississippi, DOJ’s behavior would have been quite different.

Adams argues the DOJ, from U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, down through career attorneys and investigators, operates under a theme of “payback.” He writes, “The division provides a welcoming home for purveyors of fringe beliefs that are alien and repugnant to mainstream America – namely, that civil rights laws do not protect everyone equally, but only certain ‘oppressed’ minorities…the Civil Rights Division has squandered its moral authority. Having initially been infused with the spirit of the original civil rights movement and its emphasis on racial equality and color-blindness, the division is now home to the rotted industry of racial grievance.”

Brian Perry
Madison County Journal

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