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Harper vs. Environmentalist on...

Harper vs. Environmentalist on off-shore drilling

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 26, 2011

Harper vs. Environmentalist on off-shore drilling

Good morning, I’m Elizabeth Wynne Johnson; this is Power Breakfast from Capitol News Connection.

NELSON When Congress returns from recess, unfortunately they’re going to take a vote on three bills that would expand off-shore drilling, sidestep environmental reviews and accelerate the pace of permitting in the Gulf of Mexico.

Regan Nelson, Senior Oceans Advocate at the Natural Resources Defense Council, would prefer to see Congress go in the direction of a permanent moratorium. Congressman Gregg Harper, a Mississippi Republican, has a very different take on the administration’s decision to impose a six-month moratorium after last year’s BP disaster…

HARPER The blanket moratorium was not a good thing to do. It was something that had very negative consequences on lots of families when those jobs were shut down.

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