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Floor speech from Rep. Alan Nunnelee on...

Floor speech from Rep. Alan Nunnelee on Planned Parenthood

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 15, 2011

Today Congressman Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss) made the following statement on the House floor regarding H. Con. Res 36, an enrollment correction to H.R. 1473, the Fiscal Year 2011 Continuing Resolution. The resolution specifies that no funds made available under H.R. 1473 may be used to fund Planned Parenthood or its affiliates. Nunnelee managed the floor during debate on the resolution.

“This resolution would deny funding to Planned Parenthood. It’s morally wrong to have taxpayer dollars from my constituents in Mississippi, or from any other state, go towards organizations that provide abortions.
“Since 1977, Planned Parenthood has assisted in aborting the lives of over five million children. This resolution before the house is simple and straight forward. Now there will be those who will frame the resolution as a debate over denying health care benefits for women. This isn’t the case. In fact, in this resolution not one dime of women’s health or family health planning funding is reduced. It simply says those dollars cannot go to Planned Parenthood.
“This is an organization that has protected those who prey on our children and has protected those who rape our granddaughters. Planned Parenthood holds itself to be above the law by ignoring mandatory reporting requirements, by skirting parental consent, by aiding and abetting child trafficking. They put quick and secret abortions ahead of the welfare of victimized young girls and it has to stop.
“Now those who oppose this resolution are enabling them. I refuse to reach into the pockets of our taxpayers to fund this sort of activity. I’ve always viewed these young women as much of a victim as the unborn child and I want to go after those corrupt and immoral businesses that exploit them.
“We did a pretty good job of running them out of the state of Mississippi. In fact, in November, Mississippi will have on its ballot, a ballot initiative that defines personhood and over 106,000 Mississippians put the signatures on the initiative to get this on the ballot – and Planned Parenthood is a political organization and is funding the opposition to this ballot.
“Bottom line, we need to deny funding to those agencies that support abortions and this resolution will do that.”

Rep. Alan Nunnelee Press Release

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