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GOP sends out press release about Bobby...

GOP sends out press release about Bobby DeLaughter’s release from prison and his Scruggs connections

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 14, 2011

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Judge Involved in Scruggs Corruption Case Released

Informant said talking to Attorney General Jim Hood
“would be like speaking to Mr. Scruggs himself”

“Former Hinds judge released,” The Clarion-Ledger (Jerry Mitchell), 04/14/11
Former Hinds County Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter is back home after 13 months in prison for lying to the FBI.
He pleaded guilty July 30, 2009, to obstruction of justice in a corruption investigation involving multimillionaire and former lawyer Dickie Scruggs and received an 18-month sentence.
DeLaughter admitted lying to an FBI agent during the investigation, saying he had two conversations with his former boss, ex-longtime Hinds County District Attorney Ed Peters, about a pending lawsuit, Wilson v. Scruggs. Prosecutors said DeLaughter actually had dozens of conversations about the lawsuit with Peters, who was hired by Scruggs’ legal team.
Former New Albany lawyer Timothy Balducci, a former associate of Scruggs, alleged DeLaughter was bribed by being told he would be considered for a federal judgeship. DeLaughter denied taking a bribe and was never prosecuted for doing so.

Richard “Dickie” Scruggs pled guilty in March 2008 to conspiring to bribe a federal judge.
The aforementioned Scruggs associate, Timothy Balducci, had attempted to influence Judge Henry Lackey and made a “grossly improper, possibly even criminal” overture.
Judge Lackey “felt that he couldn’t take the matter to the attorney general, Jim Hood,” because “[t]hat would be like speaking to Mr. Scruggs himself.”
“The Bribe,” The New Yorker (Peter J. Boyer), 05/19/08 –

MSGOP Press Release

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