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Sam Hall predicts Travis Childers and...

Sam Hall predicts Travis Childers and Gene Taylor win despite being Democrats

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 1, 2010

My Predictions for Tuesday

As much as I am praying for a nationwide miracle, there is really no one giving Democrats a hope of keeping the House. The Atlantic has a quick rundown of what the top prognosticators are saying as we enter the last 36 hours before Election Day.

That said, I still think some of the closer fights are going to tilt Democratic because of local politics and turnout.

I think Congressman Travis Childers’ election will be one of those races. Congressman Childers is not a partisan. His voting record reflects his district. He’s been a good friend to the business interests in his district (as reflected by the Chamber endorsement.) And he’s a lot more likable than his opponent, who has made a few enemies with his current chairmanship.

In the end, I honestly believe Congressman Childers pulls this one out.

Congressman Gene Taylor should win as well. One cannot really argue that Rep. Steven Palazzo has put together a campaign that’s given Congressman Taylor a run for his money. But had Palazzo been taken more seriously earlier in the race, it is doubtful that Taylor’s seat would be discussed as possibly in play.

Congressman Taylor has been a solid representative for South Mississippi. He is a tireless advocate for his district. He’s a maverick, owned by no party or special interest.

Sam Hall

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