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New coaches already putting their own...

New coaches already putting their own stamp on teams

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 6, 2009

New coaches already putting their own stamp on teams

A year ago, the likelihood that the Cleveland Browns would trade tight end Kellen Winslow or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would trade for him seemed remote.
But that was a year ago, more than enough time to drastically reshape the NFL landscape. A new regime in Cleveland wanted to be rid of Winslow, and new leadership in Tampa was willing to add a controversial playmaker in one of the opening moves to a wild weekend of trades and free agent signings that kicked off a new NFL year.

The Browns and Buccaneers are two of nine teams with new head coaches. (The Raiders and 49ers retained their interim coaches, Tom Cable and Mike Singletary, respectively.) Let’s take a look at the change that each new regime might bring.

Cleveland Browns

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