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Zach Scruggs’ life improves...

Zach Scruggs’ life improves substantially after Dickie Scruggs cooperates – UPDATED

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 27, 2009

The world got the news two days ago that Zach Scruggs had been moved to a halfway house in Tupelo, MS after about six months into his fourteen month prison sentence. Oxford is now all atwitter with Zach sightings.

Those who have followed the story remember, Dickie Scruggs pleaded guilty and took a deal that did not involve government cooperation weeks before his son’s case was disposed of. In fact, Zach’s lawyer Mike Moore made a spectacle of himself and proclaimed his readiness for a trial that would have likely been a legal bloodbath for Zach . . . and everyone knew it. Though I had always thought that Zach was likely the least culpable of the five that were originally indicted, I also think he knew about the scheme and deserved some punishment. However, had he rolled the dice at trial and lost, he would likely have done more jailtime than any of those involved in the scheme.

For those of us who have children, leaving a child so precariously perched out on a legal ledge like Dickie did to Zach is unthinkable and more to the point, reprehensible. I guess I would make a pretty lousy spy because if my kids were threatened in any way, I’d tell all and would probably make up some juicy stuff for good measure. Fortunately, it seemed like Dickie Scruggs got some religion in prison and has now agreed to substantially cooperate with federal authorities. That’s the right thing to do. Though it may be only coincidence, it now seems that Zach is getting the benefit of his father’s change of heart. His circumstance has substantially improved since his father’s new plea agreement in February.

I can only think that Zach’s jailtime could have been avoided in its entirety had Dickie Scruggs made the decision to cooperate he made only after both Scruggses doing several months in prison.

This didn’t take long. Today, we find out today that Zach (that’s “Mr. Scruggs” to us) has had a little problemo following directions. Aye Aye Aye.

Former lawyer Zach Scruggs is back behind bars for allegedly violating conditions of his release from federal prison to a halfway house in Tupelo last week.

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