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Mississippi Parole Board Under...

Mississippi Parole Board Under Fire-Paul Gallo

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 27, 2009

Gallo Notes:

After Thursday’s Show, I talked with several people off the record about the heinous crime Donald Hodgkin committed. Something’s wrong with our system when a jury of 12 gives a madman a life sentence and 22 years later a government appointed body changes that to freedom.

What’s the difference between this animal and the last few that have been put to death by lethal injection at Parchman? Maybe the answer is the access to a better bank account and therefore a better lawyer.

No wonder lives were changed forever for even those who were not family members, but were unfortunate eyewitnesses because of their occupation. Retired Police Chief Steve Bramlett said of all the murders he’s investigated over his many years, this was the most brutal of all. And now, the Mississippi Parole Board by a vote of 3 to 2 has voted to release the man who beat, sodomized and strangle a pregnant Ole Miss graduate student named Jean Elizabeth Gillies.

God bless her brother who has made the trip back to Mississippi each time Hodgkin’s number game up for release. He stated on the air with me Thursday morning that members of the Parole Board grew more and more agitated at his mission of mercy to remember his sister. Each time they would remind him that he is complicating their job. Some members were said to have turned hostile to anyone committed to this pursuit.

As promised on Thursday’s show, we’ve talked and invited the Parole Board to join me on the air and explain why three members thought Hodgkin deserved to be released.
We’re still waiting for confirmation.

We’ll talk more about this on Friday.

Paul Gallo

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