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Two key factors indicate Favre is...

Two key factors indicate Favre is likely retiring for good this time

By: Magnolia Tribune - February 12, 2009

Two key factors indicate Favre is likely retiring for good this time

That’s the text message I got back this morning from Brett Favre after I sent him one that said, simply: “Can I confirm the report that you’re retiring for good?”
Yeah, right.
That’s the thing it seems I’m hearing from everyone as the first waves of this news roll over the football public. So many of you don’t believe it, and won’t believe it, until August rolls around and Favre is a 39-year-old land baron in Sumrall, Miss., instead of a 39-year-old contender for the starting quarterback job with (pick one) the Vikings, the Jets or the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The first questions everyone will ask in the wake of the ESPN report announcing Favre’s retirement are whether it’s forever and why this year is different than last. First, don’t take anything I say on this to the bank, because 49 weeks ago I got a definitive phone message from a decisive Favre, saying he was finished, he’d had enough and it was time to go. So I was slow to buy into the Favre-will-return talk. And I was downright wrong two or three times when asked how the whole thing would end up. You might be smart to believe the opposite of what I say, quite frankly.

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