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ICLAWBLOG Hoodzpah: AG Hood calls Judge...

ICLAWBLOG Hoodzpah: AG Hood calls Judge Acker ‘unprofessional,’ continues 2008 Self-Destruction Tour

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 13, 2008

Hoodzpah: AG Hood calls Judge Acker ‘unprofessional,’ continues 2008 Self-Destruction Tour

If I was an adviser to Jim Hood, I would have counseled just letting Judge Acker’s blast against the “so-called law enforcement official” go unanswered, or passing it off with a simple “I took the actions necessary to protect the people of Mississippi and protect the integrity of my office (chuckle), the allegations are false,” or “he doesn’t have his facts straight,” or “he’s not looking at all the facts and circumstances.”

The trouble with the latter is, of course, Judge Acker does know all the facts, and is possibly the only person who knows all the facts relating to the Rigsby sisters’ illicit taking of State Farm claims files. Nevertheless, there is no sense in calling more attention to what Acker said about Hood — saying there was enough evidence for a jury to find he was an active abettor of improper behavior by Dickie “Magic Jurisdiction” Scruggs in playing keep-away with the documents in defiance of Acker’s order.

And what is this thing he’s going to file with a federal judge to excise stuff from Acker’s opinion, which can be read in its full glory at this post? Is this the promised Motion To Make A Fool Of Myself? And who is this federal judge that he’s going to file the motion with? Is it a U.S. federal judge? Or perhaps a magistrate of the United Federation of Planets? Maybe Captain Kirk can deliver the motion on his spaceship, or better yet, maybe Denny Crane can represent Hood in this action. How would you like to be the staff person assigned to write this “motion”?

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