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IU-NCAA fallout will be bloody

IU-NCAA fallout will be bloody

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 9, 2008

IU-NCAA fallout will be bloody

After reading all 96 pages of the Tolstoy-esque case summary regarding Kelvin Sampson and Indiana University, I reached a couple of conclusions:
This upcoming showdown Friday and Saturday with the NCAA, IU and Sampson is going to be bloody and potentially damaging to the already-diminished basketball program.
Sampson may have understood basketball, but when it came to following recruiting rules, he had very selective understanding.
Rick Greenspan, and every athletic department employee who let this happen under their watch, needs a pink slip the minute this NCAA hearing ends this week.
So where do we start?

We start right here, right where The Star first reported on this case summary, with former director of basketball operations Jerry Green. He was asked about the impermissible phone calls — both the three-way calls and the excessive number of calls — all of them violations of Sampson’s probation.

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