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ICLAWBLOG – April 17: Trailer...

ICLAWBLOG – April 17: Trailer Lawyer identity crisis, more on Moore

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 17, 2008

Who is Trailer Todd?

Question: can someone make me some bumper stickers that say “Who Is Trailer Todd?” I’ll hand them out as prizes to people who renew a two-year subscription to my blog. Who is Trailer Todd — inquiring minds want to know.

Let’s step back just a bit to recall that Graves and Robertson, besides representing the Rigsbys in the False Claims Act case State Farm is trying to get them kicked off of, were brought in late in the game to represent Zach Scruggs, right along with Mike Moore, just before the younger Scruggs pleaded guilty to misprision of a felony in the Scruggs judicial bribery case – bad timing, no doubt. I should note this lawsuit is sometimes referred to, mostly by me, as Ex rel. Rigsby, which is its name and which I like because it sounds like a great name for a race horse — “Trailer Lawyer leads Scruggs Guilty Plea by a neck down the stretch, but here comes Ex rel. Rigsby gaining on the outside!” Among those very familiar with the case, it is simply known as “the Qui Tam,” a legal name for this type of lawsuit which I hate because it sounds like some kooky product sold on an all-night shopping network — “the Qui Tam slices, dices, juices, peels, purees, grates, fries, bakes and broils, it refrigerates, freezes, toasts and cleans the dishes — you can throw out every other appliance in your kitchen!” All right, now we can step forward again.

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