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Hood gets mad at Barbour for his veto...

Hood gets mad at Barbour for his veto of bill with anti-tort reform implications

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 8, 2008

Hood: Barbour ‘sold out Mississippi’s children’

The bill would not make any changes to tort reform laws, Hood said, because “innocent sellers are already protected under the Mississippi Consumer Protection Act.”

Last year, some 20 million products were recalled causing about 400,000 serious injuries, said Hood, a Democrat.

In a statement, Barbour, a Republican, said the bill would “negate Mississippi’s fair and just legal system by setting up a separate, poorly-defined scheme for alleged defective children’s products without indicating what, if any, of the provisions of our state’s existing products liability laws would apply.”

He added that he supports creating a list of defective children’s toys to provide to parents, pediatricians and other child care professionals.

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