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FOLO – Judge DeLaughter protests...

FOLO – Judge DeLaughter protests his innocence

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 20, 2008

Judge DeLaughter protests his innocence

Here’s something I have never seen in my life: A judge explaining in his order that he has not been bribed.

I’m not kidding.

In responding to the Motion to Recuse filed by Wilson in Wilson v. Scruggs, Judge DeLaughter writes:

The undersigned judge of this Court has never, in this or any other case, issued a ruling in exchange or consideration of anything (money or otherwise) other than the applicable law, all allegations to the contrary being belied by the record.

By this last phrase, is he meaning to say, “That bribe business is not supported by the record in this case at all!” Well, I suppose not. I have no first experience of this, but I’ve heard that most folks doing bribes do not do them in open court.

However, to avoid even the suspicion of impropriety,

I like the use of the word “even” there. This is such a close one.


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