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PENDER – How deeply is the virus...

PENDER – How deeply is the virus of corruption entrenched?

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 17, 2008

How deeply is the virus of corruption entrenched?

Over the last six years, judicial bribery investigations and trials have occupied much of my time and thoughts as a reporter and editor. I just feel – I dunno – kind of numb at this point. Watching the Mississippi system slowly gag up a few of its own, only under duress from the feds, has been at times horrible.

Is it over now?

Has our judicial system been cleaned up, or did we just nip the tail of the snake? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Do we need to just practice a little more diligence, or should there be some major overhaul of the system? We may never know. I don’t think it’s likely the feds will go too much further with something state prosecutors should have tackled in the first place. And it’s just not dear old Mississippi’s way to institute a lot of change and reform on its own, bless its heart.

Onward and upward.

Geoff Pender
Sun Herald

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