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FLOWERS – RTL ‘Recommends’ Flowers

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 26, 2007

Pro-Life Group ‘Recommends’ Flowers

Senator Merle Flowers received a huge boost to his campaign on Wednesday when the Mississippi Right to Life (MSRTL) recommended his campaign for the August 7th election.

Flowers scored a perfect 100% on Right to Life issues in the past four years serving as a conservative, Pro-Life, Senator for DeSoto County. This A+ rating is consistent with the voting record of Senator Flowers, as he is against the killing of unborn children.

I am Pro-Life. I will continue to oppose any provision of state funds to groups that provide abortion services, even if they do not use state funds directly for abortions. I oppose any efforts to allow human cloning and oppose state funding for research purposes that requires the killing of human embryos. I support the passage of a human life state constitutional amendment. I will work hard to improve the opportunities for adoption, said Flowers.

Merle Flowers Campaign Release

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