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Wednesdays with Charlie Ross 6/6

Wednesdays with Charlie Ross 6/6

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 7, 2007

The closer we get to the August 7th primary, the more I am encouraged by the response we are getting to our message. Through all of the events, meetings, speaking engagements, and receptions, there is one thing that I always try to keep at the forefront of my mind: this campaign is about issues, and it is about Mississippi. I am proud of my work in the Senate over the past ten years and we have accomplished a lot, but this race is not about the past, but the future of Mississippi. We have many challenges before us, but with strong conservative leadership we can continue to move Mississippi forward.

Yesterday, I attended a forum with the Associated Builders and Contractors in Jackson. Our builders and contractors are so important to the vitality of Mississippi, whether it’s with the economic development in the northern part of the state, or if it’s with the recovery efforts on the Coast. Without their commitment to improving our state’s infrastructure and economy, Mississippi would not be able to move forward to become one of the national leaders in industry.

On Monday, I visited and spoke at the Southwest Rankin County AARP meeting in Richland. We owe so much to our senior citizens and we should never neglect their welfare. I enjoyed talking with many in attendance and addressed the group about issues that affect our nation’s seniors.

Illegal immigration is a major issue in both Mississippi and the nation right now and I intend to address the issue further when I am lieutenant governor. We need to enforce the laws we already have, but there are some additional steps that need to be taken. I have proposed in my Action Agenda on Immigration that we deny bail to those who are here illegally who commit crimes, increase the penalty on human trafficking, and crack down on document fraud. One thing that I am against on any level is amnesty-we should not reward those who choose to break our laws to enter our country.

Though our campaign is moving forward, we still need your help. This race will not be over until November, so it is crucial that you continue to donate or volunteer to ensure that our strong, conservative, Mississippi values are preserved in the State Capitol. It is important that you tell your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers about our vision to continue to move Mississippi forward. Again, I want to encourage you to visit my website,, to volunteer, donate, or request yard signs and bumper stickers. You may also call our Jackson headquarters for more information at (601) 362-7677.

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