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“Friends of Charlie Ross”...

“Friends of Charlie Ross” on debate saga

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 1, 2007

Debate saga continues

In case you missed it, staff writer for the Clarion-Ledger Laura Hipp posted an online blog yesterday questioning Phil Bryant’s motives for continually dodging one-on-one debates with Charlie:
Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Debate saga continues
Ahh yes, Sen. Charlie Ross again is trying to stir up Auditor Phil Bryant to debate. He’s issued another release on Bryant’s refusal to show up at Republican-only lieutenant governor debates in Hinds and Harrison counties. The men will have a few debates where Democratic candidate Jamie Franks participates.

On his position not to join those debates, Bryant told the Meridian Star: “One of the things I’ve always believed is that when you are ahead in a race, you try to stay ahead. We think that what we are doing is going to keep us ahead in the race.”

Ross’ reaction: “Phil Bryant has it wrong — debates are not about what’s good for candidates, they are about what’s good for voters. Mississippi’s Republican voters deserve to hear each candidate’s plan to address the issues. It’s time for Mr. Bryant to stop dodging for his own perceived benefit and come out and debate for the public’s benefit.”

Bryant’s statement raises the question of whether he believes he would perform poorly in a debate and lose voter support. It’s true that most voters don’t care where the debate is and who’s debating, they just want to hear the candidates’ beliefs. It’s also true that most voters would not accept a candidate saying he’d fall behind in polls as a reason to keep quiet.

Quite a pickle, indeed.

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