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Wednesdays with Charlie Ross 5/23

Wednesdays with Charlie Ross 5/23

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 24, 2007

Greetings. I want to start off this week by thanking the over one thousand of you who have donated to my campaign since last year. I appreciate your support and your confidence in the strong conservative vision we have for Mississippi. Many others have donated to my campaign in other ways: by volunteering, putting a sign in their yard, putting a bumper sticker on their car, or even just telling their friends and family how strong conservative leadership can help Mississippi. All of you have my gratitude.

I visited Laurel this past Wednesday for a “Meet and Greet” and had a wonderful time. I have attended several events in the Laurel area in the past couple months and always enjoy meeting with the people of Jones County.

I was in Cleveland last Thursday at the Delta Council meeting and dinner. The Delta is an important part of Mississippi, contributing both to our economy and our culture. It is important we address the concerns of those living in the Delta, as well as all of the state, in order to move Mississippi forward.

Sharon spoke at the Lee County Republican Committee meeting in Tupelo last Thursday and did an excellent job on my behalf. Sharon is a great asset as a wife, mother, and advocate for the conservative ideals we hold dear.

We have a lot to do in the two and a half months until the primary, and we want you involved in our conservative vision for Mississippi. This election is about all of us as Mississippians and we cannot get there alone. Please donate or volunteer by visiting or calling Campaign Headquarters at (601) 362-7677. We need people to do everything from walking door-to-door to answering phones to talking to their friends and family to putting a bumper sticker on their car. Anything you can do will help ensure Mississippi’s progress for the next four years.

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