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Job passion was never on departing...

Job passion was never on departing chief’s side

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 12, 2005

Job passion was never on departing chief’s side

Chief Robert Moore probably won’t be remembered for what he did as Jackson’s top law officer.

Moore, who is willing to turn his badge in early, will be remembered more for what he said and how he said it. That’s too bad.

The chief’s decision to leave is welcomed. In fact, Moore should have announced his immediate departure on election night instead of saying he planned to stay until his contract expired on June 30. Thankfully, he has come to his senses.

“I’m done with everything,” Moore told The Clarion-Ledger. “I’m closing down. I won’t be making any more major decisions. It is time for me just to shut it down.”

It is time for Moore to shut it down. The chief’s leadership was a key theme in Frank Melton’s landslide win over Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. in the Democratic primary.

A lame-duck chief would benefit no one. But Moore’s departure offers an opportunity for reflection and transition.

Eric Stringfellow
Clarion Ledger

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