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Primary Runoff Election Day is Tuesday...

Primary Runoff Election Day is Tuesday in Mississippi

By: Sarah Ulmer - August 28, 2023

There are 6 runoff elections for state House seats set to take place across Mississippi along with various local runoffs in 65 counties as voters decide Republican and Democratic nominees.

Tuesday, August 29th marks the day for Primary Runoff Elections across the state. The polls will open at 7 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. as usual.

Secretary of State Michael Watson reminds voters that in-person absentee voting ended on Saturday, August 26th, but there is still time to mail-in an absentee ballots. All mail-in ballots must be postmarked by August 29th and received by the county Circuit Clerk by September 6th in order to be counted.

As of Monday, August 28, 2023, the Statewide Election Management System (SEMS) reported a total of 12,897 absentee ballots requested, 12,604 absentee ballots sent, and 10,415 absentee ballots received in the state of Mississippi for the 2023 Primary Runoff Election. 

Six Mississippi House seats will have runoffs on Tuesday. Those are:

On the Democratic ballot:

House District 66

  • Roshunda Harris-Allen
  • Fabian Nelson

House District 69

  • Tamarra Butler-Washington
  • Patty Patterson

House District 72

  • Justis Gibbs
  • Rukia Lumumba

On the Republican Ballot:

House District 2

  • Nick Bain (Incumbent)
  • Brad Mattox

House District 105

  • Dale Goodin (Incumbent)
  • Elliot Burch

House District 115

  • Felix Gines
  • Zachary Grady

Voters in select areas or districts in 65 of Mississippi’s 82 counties will have runoff elections to consider on Tuesday, most on the local level. To see if your area has a runoff, contact your local Circuit Clerk’s office.

As a reminder, a voter must vote in the party primary they cast their ballot in on August 8th in Tuesday’s runoff election. If a voter did not vote on August 8th, they can vote in either party’s primary runoff.

Voters should be sure to bring a valid photo ID in order to have access to a ballot. IDs can be a driver’s license, U.S. passport, government employee ID, firearms license, student photo ID by an accredited state university or community college, U.S. military ID, tribal photo ID, or a Mississippi Voter Identification Card. Anyone can get a free a Mississippi Voter Identification Card through all Mississippi Circuit Clerk.

If no ID is shown, voters can cast an affidavit ballot but then must present an acceptable form of ID to their Circuit Clerk by September 6th.

If you aren’t sure where to vote, check out the polling place locator.

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