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A Bite of the Hub City: Hattiesburgers...

A Bite of the Hub City: Hattiesburgers and Blues Vibes with Flavor and Casual Flair

By: Courtney Ingle - August 4, 2023

The flavors and combinations are unique, but the owner says the attention to detail sets Hattiesburgers and Blues apart as a burger joint. 

Sometimes you just need a burger. You need a high-quality patty, stacked with fixins’ on a bun that has been toasted to perfection. A wide-mouth bite eliciting a burst of flavor, with sauce, cheese, and goodness exploding and taking out a few napkins in the process—yes. Sometimes, you just need that. 

Hattiesburgers and Blues on Front Street in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, pleases the palate with a variety of mouth-watering burger options for anyone’s appetite. Those looking for a more traditional bite – burger, cheese, staple toppings, and bun – can trust The Hattiesburger. If a more steakhouse-style burger seems the most enticing, with bleu cheese crumbles and caramelized onions, then the Black and Blues Burger will hit the spot and slather that spot with the house made seasoned horseradish sauce. 

Are you craving something different? There are a couple of specialties to get your hands on – or to get on your hands if you’re a messy eater.

“Our speciali(ties) are either the Bloody Mary Burger or the Bourbon on Front Street Burger,” said Hattiesburger and Blues owner Nelson Haskin, Jr.

The Bloody Mary Burger boasts the tastes you love in a Bloody Mary with a Hub City twist. Fried green tomato, peppers, and a signature sauce bring together the burger and the famous mid-morning cocktail for a spicy, tangy, smoky partnership. 

The Bourbon on Front Street Burger is everything you love about a traditional burger with a NOLA twist: a thick patty, fresh lettuce, tomato, and pickles, but with the added house-made bourbon glaze for a boozy bite. 

The flavors and combinations are unique, but the owner said the attention to detail also sets Hattiesburgers and Blues apart as a burger joint. 

“We use Certified Angus Beef. Thick cut pickles, fresh tomatoes and lettuce that we cut in-house. We have the best staff in Hattiesburg and live music every weekend,” said Haskin. 

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Haskins’ love for the blues has propelled Hattiesburgers and Blues to be more than a burger place. There are live music performances in the restaurant every week, featuring local and regional greats like John Ford, Allen Dale Sizemore, Chad Perry and more. 

“I just like the blues,” said Haskins. “I used to listen to it all the time when I was a military recruiter.” 

Haskins was awarded the 2022 Veteran of the Year Award by the City of Hattiesburg’s Veterans Committee. Perhaps the military background has led to Haskins’ leadership and management skills. He owns Blu Jazz Cafe, Southbound Bagel and Coffee Shop, and Nellie’s Chicken and Daiquiris. All four of his restaurants are on the same block of Front Street in Downtown Hattiesburg and make up the Front Street Eats Restaurant Group. 

The vibe at Hattiesburgers and Blues makes it a great spot for a burger night with the kids, happy hour, or even date night. The servers are warm, welcoming and knowledgeable about the menu.

The exposed brick throughout the restaurant elevates almost an upscale feel; the baskets and checkered paper service sets tie you back into casual dining. Of course, Hattiesburgers and Blues has to live up to the Hattiesburg title, with Southern Miss decor along the bar and college sports on the TV. 

Hattiesburgers and Blues’ location on East Front Street makes it easy for a walking tour of downtown. The Pocket Museum, The Lucky Rabbit and Oddfellows Gallery are within walking distance so you can either start or end (or both, honestly) your tour of some of the area hotspots with a meal and drinks. 

Whether you’re looking for a place to grab a great drink, a burger, or just to rest and refuel while exploring the Hub City, Hattiesburgers and Blues has you covered.  Find out more about Hattiesburgers and Blues here.

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