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Mississippians encouraged to buy local...

Mississippians encouraged to buy local from farmer’s markets

By: Sarah Ulmer - June 16, 2023
vegetables on display at the Mississippi Farmers Market

Vegetables on display at the Mississippi Farmers Market

There are over 100 certified farmer’s markets in Mississippi. Now is the prime season to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

On Thursday, Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson announced five ways the public can get involved in buying locally sourced goods.

“The number one question I get, as I travel the state of Mississippi, and I’ve been all over – to every county – where can we buy local Mississippi food? Do we have local Mississippi food?” said Commissioner Gipson. “I want the world to know we have it available all over the great state of Mississippi.”

There are over 100 certified farmer’s markets across the state, typically one in every county. Produce is available seasonally, and currently, many of the products grown in the state are in season and available. The Mississippi Farmer’s Market is one sources for such goods, located at the State Fairgrounds in Jackson.

A full list of farmer’s markets and their schedules of operation can be found here. If interested in picking your produce yourself, you can access an agritourisim farm near you. Find those options here.

Gipson reminded shoppers that because this is fresh produce it can be enjoyed right now at home or canned and eaten all year long.

“It’s coming in, this is growing season, you’ve got to act now!” said Gipson.

Commissioner Gipson also teased a big announcement regarding an upcoming USDA grant the agency was awarded to build out more food infrastructure in Mississippi.

The Resilience Food Infrastructure Program focuses on the “middle” process of getting food from the farm to the table. This includes keeping food cold, processing, warehousing, packaging and transport.

“To give you a heads up, we will be holding meetings around the state talking to farmers about their needs and talking to food supply businesses about their wishes and ways we can further increase Mississippians availability to affordable and fresh healthy local produce,” said Commissioner Gipson.

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