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SBE adopts new weapons proposal in line...

SBE adopts new weapons proposal in line with state law

By: Sarah Ulmer - September 29, 2022

The updated policy will allow local school districts to establish their own policies regarding weapons on campus. 

The Mississippi State Board of Education voted to adopt a weapons policy update which removed language conflicting with Mississippi’s 2011 enhanced conceal carry laws.

The State Board’s policy update does not give school personnel the ability to carry guns in schools. Local school districts establish their own policies regarding weapons on campus. In reviewing their current policies, local school districts should consult with their board attorney to ensure compliance with federal and state law.

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In order to make sure the safety protocol meets statewide standards, MDE joined with the Department of Public Safety to form the Mississippi School Safety Alliance including leaders from the SBE, law and public safety, education, mental health, parent groups, and teacher organizations.

The alliance is working to evaluate and/or revise current state laws, SBE policies, protocols, and best practices to ensure local school districts are providing a safe, supportive, and nurturing learning environment for all students, staff and administrators.

Find the new policy report below:

Tab 05. Revise Rule 97.1 Weapons Pav9.14.22 v1 by yallpolitics on Scribd

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