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Mississippi’s Second Amendment sales...

Mississippi’s Second Amendment sales tax holiday will take place this weekend

By: Anne Summerhays - August 22, 2022

The 2A tax holiday will be held August 26-28. 

Mississippi’s 2022 Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday (MSAW) will take place between 12:01 A.M. Friday, August 26, 2022, and 12:00 Midnight Sunday, August 28, 2022.

In an official guide to the Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday, the Department of Revenue (DOR) said that Sales Tax is not due during the holiday on the sale of firearms, ammunition and certain hunting supplies as defined below.

“The MSAW holiday will apply statewide to all consumer purchases of firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies during the MSAW holiday,” the DOR sales guide said. “The tax holiday does not apply to sales of any other items not defined as firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies. A list of eligible and non-eligible items is provided in this guide.”

The MSAW holiday applies to each eligible item as long as either title or possession of the item or both is transferred from a seller to a purchaser.

“The tax holiday will also apply to an eligible item delivered after the time period of the MSAW holiday if the purchaser pays for the eligible item during the time period of the MSAW holiday and the order is accepted by the seller for immediate shipment. Eligibility will be lost if the purchaser requests or causes delayed shipment of the item,” the guide continued.

The DOR said retailers may offer store discounts and store coupons to reduce the price of an eligible item and layaway sales of eligible items do not qualify for the holiday.

If an eligible item was purchased during the MSAW holiday and returned after the holiday for credit on the purchase of a different item, Sales Tax is applied to the sale of the newly purchased item.

“For example, a customer purchases a $300.00 firearm during the MSAW holiday. After the holiday, the customer returns the firearm, receives a credit for the firearm, and then buys a $300.00 archery bow. Sales Tax is due on the $300.00 price of the bow since the bow was not purchased during the holiday,” the guide explained.

The guide stated that if an eligible item was purchased during the MSAW holiday and later exchanged for the same item but it’s a different size, different color, etc., then Sales Tax is not to be charged even if made after the holiday.

Click here to read the guide to the 2022 Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday

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