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Congressman Guest slams Homeland...

Congressman Guest slams Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas for border crisis

By: Frank Corder - April 28, 2022

The Mississippi 3rd District Congressman has been to the Southern border twice in the last month speaking with local enforcement officers.

Mississippi Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03), Vice Ranking Member of the Committee on Homeland Security, criticized Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for being untruthful to the American people and to Congress for stating that the border is not open.

Secretary Mayorkas told the House Committee on Wednesday that the fact of the matter is that those who claim asylum at the border and whose claims succeed have established a basis to remain in the U.S. He went on to say that those whose claims do not succeed are removed. Mayorkas said given that scenario, the border is not open.

“You’re wrong,” Guest said following Mayorkas’s testimony. “You’re not being truthful with this committee, and you’re not being truthful with the American public. I have been to the border twice within the last two weeks. I have spoken with CBP agents. I have spoken with elected officials. They all say the same thing. They all say that this administration has abandoned them. They say that they feel like they are left to deal with this problem all by themselves. The border is not secure. The border is wide open. Under your leadership, this problem has only gotten worse, and in fact this is the worst immigration crisis that our nation has ever seen.”

Earlier this week, Congressman Guest visited the border with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and a group of other Republicans. There, they visited with law enforcement and local leaders about the impact that a worsening border crisis and the removal of Title 42 would have on their communities. Guest spoke at a press conference during that visit.

“Throughout our visit, we have encountered one thing from every person that we’ve spoken with: That this is the worst they have ever seen the southwest border,” Guest said.

The week before, Congressman Guest met with local sheriffs at the border to discuss strategies to address the growing border crisis. He joined Y’all Politics for an interview following that border visit.

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