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CLAW Forestry locating sawmill...

CLAW Forestry locating sawmill operations in Southwest Mississippi

By: Frank Corder - April 28, 2022

The company looks to create over 130 jobs with an investment of nearly $200 million.

CLAW Forestry Services, LLC announced today that an affiliate is locating a state-of-the-art sawmill in Gloster within Amite County. The project represents a corporate investment of nearly $200 million and will create 131 direct jobs and support an additional 200 indirect jobs when operating at full capacity. Construction will begin this summer and lumber manufacturing will commence in late 2023 or early 2024.

“This project is a win-win for Claw Forestry and Amite County. This massive corporate investment will have a tremendous impact on the regional community and will create and support over 330 jobs for Mississippians,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “Mississippi’s economy is on fire, and this project is further proof of that. Thank you to the entire CLAW Forestry team for their continued commitment to our home state.”

The new mill will require in excess of 1 million tons of timber annually to produce approximately 250 million board feet of lumber. The facility will be located on 65 acres of land, which includes the former Georgia Pacific site. In connection with the new sawmill facility, efforts are underway to resume operation of the Gloster Southern Railroad to further revitalize industry and jobs in the underserved community.

“We are excited to bring a modern state-of-the-art sawmill to Southwest Mississippi. This new mill will be a much-needed economic stimulus for the area, in the form of over 130 new high-paying jobs and an outlet for well over 1 million tons of sawtimber each year,” said CLAW Forestry Manager Billy Van Devender.

The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance for infrastructure improvements and site development. Amite County also is assisting with the project.

“Agriculture, forestry and wood products are top economic drivers for Mississippi, and companies are increasingly investing in our state and creating good jobs in order to capitalize upon the abundance of natural resources we offer,” said MDA Deputy Director Laura Hipp. “MDA is glad to support CLAW Forestry as the company prepares to build a new sawmill in Amite County. The investment and jobs being generated by CLAW will significantly benefit Gloster and Amite County for years to come while demonstrating to the world that Mississippi is the place to be for long-term success in this important sector.”

CLAW Forestry plans to fill the jobs over the next four years.


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