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Hyde-Smith cosponsors bill to prod...

Hyde-Smith cosponsors bill to prod Biden Admin. into action on easing energy costs

By: Anne Summerhays - November 17, 2021

SMART Energy Act would require restart of offshore, onshore energy lease sales

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) is a primary cosponsor of The Supporting Made in America Renewable and Traditional (SMART) Energy Act (S.3214). This legislation was introduced Tuesday and would nudge the Biden Administration to take action to restart oil and gas leasing immediately, while stepping up wind, solar, and geothermal energy development.

“The higher energy prices Americans are paying are a direct result of the Biden administration’s bad energy and economic policies,” Hyde-Smith said. “The SMART Energy Act would set implement a plan to ensure that we’re actively tapping American energy supplies, including wind and solar, to fuel our economy and stop inflated energy prices from draining family budgets.”

Yesterday, Sen. Hyde-Smith asserted that the Biden Administration’s ongoing foot-dragging on resuming lease sales for oil and gas production on federal lands would further contribute to the energy price shocks being experienced by American families and businesses.

“We are certainly dealing with an energy crisis and it is a result of failed energy policies.  As we all know, the assault on American energy began on day one of the Biden administration, with the cancelation of the Keystone XL pipeline and a moratorium on new oil and gas leases which significantly affected my state,” Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith said.

The Supporting Made in America Renewable and Traditional (SMART) Energy Act asks the Secretary to disclose all communications, documents and comments from the public related to the Department’s oil and gas leasing review.

The SMART Energy Act was introduced by Senator Steve Daines (R-Mont.). Yesterday, Daines stated that President Biden’s inflationary crisis and war on Made in America energy that has led to higher electricity and energy costs for Montanans.

Daines warned that this problem will only get worse if Biden and the Democrats pass their reckless tax and spending spree that furthers the Left’s agenda to eliminate conventional sources of energy.

“Biden’s war on Made in Montana and Made in America Energy is crushing U.S. energy independence, killing American jobs, and sending us head first into a European-style energy crisis with sky high energy prices. We must do what we can to bring back Made in America energy jobs and restore our global energy dominance by supporting an all-of-the-above energy portfolio which includes oil, gas, wind, solar and more,” Senator Steve Daines said.

A section-by-section summary of S.3214 is available here.

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Anne Summerhays is a recent graduate of Millsaps College where she majored in Political Science, with minors in Sociology and American Studies. In 2021, she joined Y’all Politics as a Capitol Correspondent. Prior to making that move, she interned for a congressional office in Washington, D.C. and a multi-state government relations and public affairs firm in Jackson, Mississippi. While at Millsaps, Summerhays received a Legislative Fellowship with the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi where she worked with an active member of the Mississippi Legislature for the length of session. She has quickly established trust in the Capitol as a fair, honest, and hardworking young reporter. Her background in political science helps her cut through the noise to find and explain the truth.