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Rep. Abe Hudson resigns from...

Rep. Abe Hudson resigns from Mississippi House of Representatives

By: Sarah Ulmer - August 27, 2021

On Friday, Representative Abe Hudson announced his resignation from the Mississippi House of Representatives. 

Hudson served in the House for five years after being elected in June of 2016. He represented House District 29 over Sunflower and Bolivar Counties. Hudson was a Democrat who served as the Vice-Chair for the Ports, Harbors and Airports committee. He also served on Agriculture the Drug Policy, Tourism, Transportation and Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks committees. 

The resignation will be effective Monday, August 30 2021.

Hudson released the following remarks regarding his resignation: 

Hello, as you know, after winning a special election, I have served as your Mississippi State Representative for Bolivar and Sunflower counties in the Historic Mississippi Delta since June 25th, 2016. Serving in this capacity has been one of the highest honors and proudest accomplishments of my life. To the constituents of Bolivar and Sunflower Counties along with other substantial support from around the state of Mississippi, I owe it all to you that I have been given the opportunity to serve the last 5 legislative sessions where we have daily worked for you with no days off. In the midst of a pandemic, we have made unusual strides. To name a few, we retired the confederate flag, passed medicinal marijuana, and took Jim Crow Era laws off the books.

While this journey has been exciting and rewarding, there come pivotal moments in our lives when we know it is time to start another chapter. Effective Monday, August 30th, 2021, I will be resigning as your State Representative for House District 29 (Bolivar and Sunflower Counties). 

Many of you are probably asking why now? I believe that my transition will allow both the Mississippi Delta and I to grow; Furthermore, it will allow someone with a fresh perspective to lead our area out of many of the challenges that we have aggressively started to address. House District 29 has sharp people like Kierre Rimmer, Shenika King, or Keveon Taylor, who could easily step in and take this role and be productive. I mention the three of them as examples because they represent House District 29’s youthfulness, passion, and creativity. Whoever the next representative is, he or she can count on my full support as they take on their new responsibility.

Thanks to my wife (Adrienne). Words can’t express how absolutely amazing you are!!! Thanks to my Daughter (Abee) who sacrificed her Dad the past 5 years. To my parents (Abe, Sr. and Geraldine) and mother in law (Odessa), I appreciate you for your help when I was in Jackson. To others who have supported me in this endeavor, I say thank you!!! Special gratitude to the one and only Lisa Weatherspoon Dixon for helping me to manage all that came with this position. Without you all, I would not have been able to do any of what we have accomplished during our short but impactful time together.

While I have not always agreed with the politics of all my colleagues, I have valued the opportunity to get to know each of you so that I could better understand the areas you represent. Conversely, I hope you took something from our conversations that made you more cognizant of the systemic issues the Mississippi Delta has and continues to face. To the 121 House members I got to serve with each legislative session, I say thanks for challenging me to be a better me and a better Mississippian. I will forever remember the experience. Many would say Mississippi has a long way to go, but I think we are closer than we think. Keep fighting my comrades, keep fighting.

I still believe that together we can and will overcome the ills of slavery and oppression that exist in the Mississippi Delta and Mississippi. However, we must all tirelessly keep pressing forward. Public Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Criminal Justice, Election Reform and Affordable Housing still need legislation that will move the pendulum forward. Therefore, in my new role, I will keep working to make sure areas like Rosedale, Winstonville, Benoit, Pace, Beulah, Symonds, Gunnison, Mound Bayou, Shelby, Renova, Merigold, and Cleveland have the full attention of those who can support their growth. I did, I do, and I will forever love my Mississippi Delta. She has made me who I am, and I am hopeful others will begin to understand her past and present so that it can have a positive impact on Mississippi.

As I close, this is not a goodbye. I repeat this is not a goodbye!!! It is an opportunity to embrace change that will allow me to focus on many of the same issues I tackle as a legislator, but it will allow for more immediate impact during the trying times we are currently facing. Furthermore, this is not my seat, this is the seat of the people who reside in Bolivar and Sunflower Counties. Again, thank you and I appreciate the opportunity that you have given me to serve. I eagerly look forward as we endeavor to improve Mississippi.

Abe Hudson

“Together We Will”

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