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Palazzo Appointed to American Security...

Palazzo Appointed to American Security Task Force

By: Magnolia Tribune - July 7, 2021

Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-04) was appointed by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) to serve on the American Security Task Force. This task force is charged with identifying and developing policy solutions to pressing issues facing the American people.

2021 has seen chaos at our southern border brought on by an administration in denial about a crisis, debilitating ransomware attacks on our nation’s critical infrastructure, and continued calls from the left to defund the police. The American Security Task Force, led by Ranking Member John Katko, will focus on solutions to secure our borders, protect the nation against cyber-attacks, and support the men and women in law enforcement. The American people deserve safety and security and a Congressional majority that delivers common sense solutions, not dangerous policies that weaken law enforcement and open our borders.

“I’m honored to have been chosen to be a part of the American Security Task Force to help lead my Republican colleagues toward policy solutions that will keep Americans safe, protect their wallets, and defend their freedoms. I look forward to collaborating with my fellow Representatives on legislation that combats liberal attacks on the American way of life,” said Palazzo.

“As the Biden Border Crisis continues to spiral out of control, America’s adversaries attack our critical infrastructure without fear of retaliation, and dangerous calls to defund the police continue from the progressive-left, the Biden administration still doesn’t have a plan to deliver safety and security to the American public. When Republicans win back the majority next Congress we won’t just have a plan, we’ll come ready on day one with common sense solutions to secure our borders, protect our nation from cyber-attacks, and support our men and women in blue. That is why we formed the American Security Task Force, and why I am honored to have selected Congressman Steven Palazzo to serve on it. As a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, current member of the Mississippi National Guard, and member of the House Appropriations’ Subcommittee on Homeland Security, Congressman Palazzo has a unique background that will greatly aid the task force in its mission to foster a safer and more secure future for all Americans,” said Republican Leader McCarthy.

As a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security, Congressman Steven Palazzo was selected in 2019 to serve as a conferee for a select committee that secured funding for the southern border wall. He opposed legislation that stripped critical funding from the emergency supplemental appropriations bill meant to provide humanitarian and security relief to the overwhelmed southern border. Congressman Palazzo also serves on the Congressional Border Security Caucus where he works to find solutions to the ever-increasing threats to our American Security at the southern border.

The American Security Task Force is one of seven task forces created to provide extensive problem solving and policy creating opportunities as part of the Republican Party’s “Commitment to America”. For more information on these task forces, click here.

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