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YP Daily Roundup 3/25/21

YP Daily Roundup 3/25/21

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 25, 2021

YP – Gov. Reeves signs computer science bill for K-12 students

Governor Tate Reeves has signed a bill passed by the Legislature that would require access to advanced computer science classes in all Mississippi K-12 schools.

HB 633 requires that the classes be phased in starting during the 2022-2023 school year. The program is to be fully implemented within two years. This bill does not require that students take these courses; it only mandates that schools train teachers to offer them.

“Integrating computer science into our curriculum is key to preparing our students for today’s workforce,” said Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann. “Governor Tate Reeves signed a bill this morning giving every child the opportunity to take computer science courses throughout their K-12 career.”

Reeves: Get a shot and live your life

MSDH daily COVID-19 reporting

YP – Rep. Bounds gives update on Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund after major changes in Senate

Representative Scott Bounds, author of SB 1231 the Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund, sat down with Y’all Politics to discuss where the bill lies in the process.

Lawmakers are entering conference weekend and final deadlines. The bill has been drastically changed from the original language written in the House.

YP – DPS Commissioner Tindell talks MS Highway Patrol jurisdiction change

Sean Tindell, Commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, joined Y’all Politics on Wednesday to discuss the changes made by SB 2788 to the jurisdiction of the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Governor Tate Reeves signed the bill into law recently.  It allows State Troopers to run radar and do traffic enforcement within municipal limits of cities over 15,000 in population. The bill was authored by State Senator David Blount of Jackson and is expected to assist local law enforcement efforts.

YP – Hyde-Smith slams expansive Democrat election reform scheme

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) today issued a strong condemnation of an expansive Democrat election reform, redistricting, and campaign finance scheme that would upend Mississippi’s Voter ID law and impose a one-size-fits-all federalization of elections on the state.

YP – Wicker Shares American People’s Concerns over Federal Election Takeover

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., today described how S.1 would undermine election security and diminish voter trust in America’s election system during a Senate Rules Committee hearing.

“The people of the United States may like the sound of a bill that says it will be easier for people to vote,” Wicker said. “I think it makes it easier for people to cheat at elections.”

YP – Kelly, Palazzo and Guest co-sponsor Gulf Conservation and Recreation Funding Act

Congressman Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) announced the introduction of the Gulf Conservation and Recreation Funding Act, which has seven original cosponsors, including Republican Whip Steve Scalise (LA-01). This bill would require the Department of Interior to pay GOMESA states the revenues they are missing out on due to leases cancelled by President Biden’s January 26th Executive Order.

On January 26, 2021, President Biden signed Executive Order 14008 establishing an indefinite moratorium on new oil and gas leases in federal waters, “pending completion of a comprehensive review and reconsideration of Federal oil and gas permitting and leasing practices.”  As long as President Biden’s moratorium remains in place, the Department of Interior would have to pay Gulf states each fiscal year any difference between what they collected in normal GOMESA revenues that fiscal year and the average revenues collected between fiscal years 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Congressman Thompson wants expanded background checks to buy a gun

YP – AG Fitch Joins 14-State Coalition to Stop Biden’s Attack on Energy Jobs

Attorney General Lynn Fitch joined 13 other state attorneys general in filing suit today to block the Biden-Harris Administration’s Executive Order violating the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA) and the Mineral Leasing Act (MLA). U.S. Senator Roger Wicker cited in a recent column on the Biden Administration’s actions on energy, “these offshore projects support 20,000 Mississippi jobs.”

“President Biden’s attack on American energy puts our domestic energy supply at risk, drives up energy costs, threatens conservation and hurricane protection efforts, and locks thousands of Americans out of the workforce,” said Attorney General Lynn Fitch. “My colleagues and I are pushing back on this Presidential power grab to protect American jobs, guard our Nation’s energy independence, and support economic growth.”

WLOX – Jon Nass becomes new CEO, executive director of Port of Gulfport

Jon Nass becomes new CEO, executive director of Port of Gulfport

The Port of Gulfport now has a new CEO and Executive Director. Jon Nass was introduced to the media on Wednesday after an eight-month, nationwide search.

Nass hasn’t even officially begun his duties that will be June 1, but first on the agenda is getting to know his staff and community, which he says is an asset as important as the port infrastructure.

“First, there’s a great team already in place,” said Nass. “The foundation is here. The team that runs it is great. But the potential to make it a little better, to grow it, to grow volumes to bring in more carriers is all here.”

WCBI – Calhoun City Mayor and City Clerk resign, Police Chief is suspended without pay

In a special meeting Monday night, the police chief was suspended without pay.

In an unrelated matter the same night, the Mayor announced she plans to move out of town, and the city clerk announced her retirement. The mayor’s office will become vacant once Mayor Amy Hill moves.

Chief LaTana Williams was charged with embezzlement earlier this month.

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