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Allen announces run for Ocean Springs...

Allen announces run for Ocean Springs Mayor

By: Frank Corder - January 6, 2021

Melanie Allen has announced her candidacy for the office of Mayor in Ocean Springs. She will face current Mayor Shea Dobson and State Representative Jeff Guice in the April 6th Republican Primary, along with any others who may qualify before the February 5th deadline.

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“Ocean Springs families deserve a strong, decisive leader in the Mayor’s Office, someone with a clear vision for the future of our city,” said Allen. “As a life-long Republican, I look forward to earning the Republican nomination in this race. I am humbled and so encouraged by the number of people from all across our City who have reached out over the past many months to encourage my candidacy for Mayor.”

According to her release, Allen is a former business executive and owner of an award-winning communications company who has spent more than twenty years donating her talents as a grant-writer, effective leader, and economic development ambassador for Ocean Springs. She has served in leadership roles with local organizations including the Historic Ocean Springs Association (HOSA), the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain, Public Art Project of Ocean Springs, and The Friends of Mary C.

“Projects I am involved with come in on budget, on time, and achieve goals and objectives,” Allen said. “I promise to adhere to the rules of transparency, partner with our Board of Aldermen to create real solutions, reduce the red tape that binds our City and, most importantly, I intend to elevate the job performance of the Mayor’s office.”

Allen shared that her mayoral campaign will be largely about the business of Ocean Springs.

“My skills learned building a successful small business, combined with years of grants administration, project management, and proven commitment to Ocean Springs allow me to say with confidence that I am ready to serve as your Mayor,” she said. “I made this decision after much prayerful reflection, and view this as an opportunity to return to some of the many blessings given to me.”

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