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Wicker, Hyde-Smith support President...

Wicker, Hyde-Smith support President Trump in seeking legal, fair vote count

By: Frank Corder - November 6, 2020

As election observers descend on a handful of states and legal challenges mount, Mississippi U.S. Senators Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith issued statements Friday supporting President Donald Trump’s efforts to ensure that all legally cast votes are counted, minus any fraud.

Sen. Wicker posted the following statement on Facebook:

“President Trump’s team reached out to me about the voting fraud that is going on in our country right now. There is NO excuse for any of this. Americans should be confident that their ballot was submitted correctly, legally, and untampered.

“If you or anyone has evidence or a direct account of suspicious and distrustful activity, please submit a statement here.

“Elections must be fair and honest. The deceased shouldn’t be voting, ballot harvesting should never take place, and vote tallying should be done with both sides present. This is another dirty trick to slowly take away our freedoms.

“A fundamental principle to our country is ensuring all legal ballots are counted. Please share the link below on social media to make sure we get to the bottom of this:

Sen. Hyde-Smith also issued a statement in support of President Trump and his effort to have a fair and legal assessment of outstanding votes in the 2020 presidential contest.

“I support President Trump as he stands his ground to demand that all votes cast lawfully in the presidential contest are vetted fairly and legally,” Hyde-Smith said.  “We, the American people, will certainly accept an outcome reached in an open and legitimate process, which is what I believe the President is trying to ensure.”

As of noon Friday, the states of Pennsylvania and Georgia have now swung to Democrat Joe Biden, and Biden’s lead in Nevada and Arizona has grown by the hour.  Trump’s campaign team maintains that the President can still win each of this states and that the election is not over.

Biden’s campaign has announced he and running mate Kamala Harris will address the nation in a primetime slot Friday night, and could declare victory at that time despite the Trump campaign’s challenges.

The AP has Biden currently with 264 electoral college votes to Trump’s 214. Biden only needs to win one more state to push him above the required 270 mark, making him the President-elect.

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Frank Corder

Frank Corder is a native of Pascagoula. For nearly two decades, he has reported and offered analysis on government, public policy, business and matters of faith. Frank’s interviews, articles, and columns have been shared throughout Mississippi as well as in national publications such as the Daily Caller. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, providing insight and commentary on the inner workings of the Magnolia State. Frank has served his community in both elected and appointed public office, hosted his own local radio and television programs, and managed private businesses all while being an engaged husband and father.