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Lynn Fitch on run for Attorney General...

Lynn Fitch on run for Attorney General says she would enter the office with ‘no learning curve’

By: Sarah Ulmer - June 10, 2019

Current Treasurer Lynn Fitch sat down with Y’all Politics to discuss her run for Attorney General in 2019. 

“We are excited about the opportunity and capability to serve as the Attorney General,” said Fitch. Fitch said that her experience makes her uniquely qualified to serve in the office of Attorney General.

Fitch is a practicing lawyer of 34 years and her first job straight out of law School was in the Attorney General’s office.

“I have true experience there. I have prosecuted, litigated, written opinions, represented agencies, run complex state agencies including the the Treasurer’s office, I’ve been counsel to the Legislature and I’ve also been in private practice,” said Fitch. “It allows me to come in and be the managing partner of the state’s largest law firm on day one.

Fitch said it’s important for voters to know they’re hiring someone with no learning curve, but someone who will be ready to come in on day one ready to go.

She said the first priority of the office, in her opinion, is to build bridges and be solution driving while embodying certain values and principals. If elected he also plans to be smart and tough on crime and being a true our law enforcement officers.

“As the AG I’ve got to be ready to stand and protect our most vulnerable,” said Fitch.

She also plans to support the 2nd Amendment, as a longtime gun owner and member of the NRA as well.

“We have to have a very hard conversation about the opioid crisis,” said Fitch. “Coming along with that is human trafficking. We’ve got to end that. It’s real and it’s in our state.”

Fitch said the Attorney General’s office should be the leader in those fights.

As Treasurer, her record has shown good management of debt, saving taxpayers over $150 million. The unclaimed property program has also matched up $90 million to the rightful owners. They have also restructured Impact, the pre-paid tuition plan and many other programs.

“In the last four years we have had 95,000 who had financial education, 1400 teachers have been trained all through a public private partnership,” said Fitch. “Now when you come forward in August every student will have to have that curriculum before they graduate.”

Fitch said she plans to always run on a positive message. She said she hopes to be someone the voters can continue to believe in.

“It’s important to run on a positive message and talk about all the good things in store for Mississippi,” said Fitch.

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