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Chaney at Neshoba: Re-election is...

Chaney at Neshoba: Re-election is imminent, insurance and fire truck funding

By: Courtney Ingle - August 1, 2018

State Insurance Commissioner and Fire Marshal Mike Chaney spoke to the crowd for the first day of the state elected official’s political speaking at the Neshoba County Fair on Wednesday.

He made his political intentions known within moments, though it didn’t serve as a surprise to the crowd.

“I’m planning on running for re-election,” said Chaney, “and I’m very serious about my job. I love doing what I do.”

Chaney discussed ongoing negotiations between the University of Mississippi Medical Center and Blue Cross Blue Shield. The hospital recently said it would no longer take BCBS due to claims issues, but according to Chaney, the contract has been stretched through August to allow for continuing negotiations.

The commissioner and fire marshal also highlighted the Rural Fire Truck program which received much-needed funding in the last legislative session.


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