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YP Daily Roundup 4/9/18

YP Daily Roundup 4/9/18

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 9, 2018

DAILY JOURNAL – City Council mostly mum on Shelton senate campaign

So far, Palmer is the only Republican councilman openly supporting Shelton, whose 2013 election snapped a long streak of GOP mayors.

“I am a Republican, but I am at this point in time certainly going to support Jason,” Palmer said. “I have seen he is willing to work with the council, and I have seen his fiscal conservatism.”

Ward 1 Councilman Markel Whittington supports one of Shelton’s special election opponents, Cindy Hyde-Smith. She was appointed to Cochran’s seat on an interim basis by Gov. Phil Bryant.

“I’ve been a Republican and Cindy Hyde-Smith is a personal friend of mine,” Whittington said. “If she doesn’t make the runoff, I’ll assess.”

The remaining four council members declined to say much.

Lynn Bryan of Ward 2 and Willie Jennings of Ward 7 both said they are not publicly endorsing any candidate in the special election race at this time.

Mike Bryan of Ward 6 said he will evaluate all the candidates once the qualifying period is over and the field is set.

Travis Beard of Ward 3 praised both Shelton and Hyde-Smith and said he remains undecided.

US NEWS – Mississippi’s Rebel Rides Again

McDaniel’s decision against a graceful concession – “We are not prone to surrender, we Mississippians,” he told supporters the night of the runoff – was the “watershed moment when the wheels came off that relationship,” a source close to Bryant says.

McDaniel, once a rising star, became a radioactive political pariah…

…It’s an insurgent bid that was never really in doubt and hadn’t ever stopped since his audacious 2014 foray – “He kinda never stopped running,” says Rick Tyler, a top McDaniel adviser.

But this time, both McDaniel and the Bryant political machine aligned firmly against him are even more dug in, and – given the history – neither side is taking anything for granted…

…The most pointed critic was former state Sen. Merle Flowers, who served five legislative sessions with McDaniel and is now helming a super PAC called the Mississippi Victory Fund designed to thwart McDaniel.

Flowers describes McDaniel as an egocentric, self-serving politician consumed by grand theories and theatrics over practicality who, as a state senator, always had his eyes on the next rung of the political ladder…

…”Tate could not get anything done if he were seen to be working with McDaniel. He’s so hated by his colleagues,” says the Mississippi GOP operative working to oppose McDaniel. “There’s only about three members of the Senate who will talk to the guy.”

WLOX – Lawsuit against Cindy Hyde-Smith dismissed

The Daily Leader reports Circuit Judge David Strong dismissed the case with prejudice April 3. That means the lawsuit can be appealed to a higher judge, but can’t be refiled.

Hyde-Smith was headed toward a Dec. 4 court case in a suit brought by State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. that claimed one of her horses caused an accident on a state highway March 27, 2015. The suit alleged negligence and was seeking to recover $3,928 paid to Connie Ricketts, of Vicksburg, who struck the horse while traveling on Interstate 55.

Sen. Wicker attends ribbon cutting in Pascagoula


WTOK – Bryant approves sending National Guard to border

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant says he “fully supports” President Trump’s decision to deploy the National Guard to patrol the U.S.-Mexican border.

Bryant said Friday in a statement that Mississippi’s National Guard “will stand ready to receive the president’s orders.”

Palazzo Supports National Guard Troops Securing Border

Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) issued the following statement after President Trump announced the deployment of National Guard troops to help the United States Border Patrol secure the southern border.

“I agree with and fully support President Trump’s decision to send our National Guard troops to the southern border,” Palazzo said.” Right now, apprehensions at the border average one thousand individuals per day with a lack of resources to fully mitigate illegal immigration. The failure to enforce our current immigration laws has weakened our border security and has not adequately curbed the flow of illegal aliens and drugs into this country. As a member of the Mississippi National Guard, I know our soldiers are capable and fully prepared to handle this task. While we work to construct the border wall, our National Guard will help assist the Border Patrol in fulfilling its mission and providing protection to American citizens.”

This is not the first time in recent history that a President has authorized and deployed National Guard troops. President Obama deployed guardsmen to the border in 2012, and President George W. Bush authorized the deployment of guardsmen as part of Operation Jump Start, which resulted in the arrest of 173,000 illegal aliens, the seizure of 300,000 pounds of drugs, and the rescue of 100 individuals.

“We’ve seen this strategy work very well for previous administrations,” Palazzo continued. “Similar deployments authorized by President Bush during his administration proved to be very successful. It’s time for my colleagues in Congress to stop polarizing national security in order to make political advances. We have to secure our border and prioritize the safety of American citizens and our nation’s sovereignty.”

WTOK – MS legislative session accomplishments

DAILY JOURNAL – State revenue collections take March downturn

State revenue collections, after multiple months of strong growth, took a nosedive in March.

For the month, revenue collections were $46.7 million, or 10.4 percent below the estimate. For the fiscal year, which ends June 30, collections are $12.3 million or 0.33 percent below official projections, according to the report compiled recently by the staff of the Legislative Budget Committee.

Congressman Kelly visits MS National Guard in Texas


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