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Wicker campaign drops two new ads...

Wicker campaign drops two new ads against Chris McDaniel that are blistering #mssen

By: Editor - March 28, 2018

The Roger Wicker campaign dropped two new ads today that are running statewide in heavy rotation against his current primary opponent, Chris McDaniel.  McDaniel has announced he will drop out of the race against Wicker and run for the seat vacated by soon-to-be-retiring US Senator Thad Cochran.  However, as of this morning, McDaniel had not filed the paperwork with the Mississippi GOP to do that.

The ads are pretty blistering.  One is titled “Chris McDaniel is a phony”.  The other is titled “Chris McDaniel is all talk”.  They feature one former Chris McDaniel county chairman (from Rankin county) and two Trump county volunteers that speak in very unvarnished terms about McDaniel.

Some lines in the ads are . . .

“I don’t trust anything that Chris McDaniel says”

“It’s disappointing all the work we did for Chris and all he does is turn around and run conservatives down”

“We need someone in the Senate that’s going to support our president and I don’t think Chris will do that”

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