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YP Daily Roundup 1/26/18

YP Daily Roundup 1/26/18

By: Editor - January 26, 2018

Changes coming at PSC?  New legislation being considered

House Bill 1179 would put the Public Utilities Staff back under the PSC’s control. Senate Bill 2838 would do likewise, and would also increase the number of commissioners from three to five, with four elected and one appointed by the governor.

Sen. Videt Carmichael, R-Meridian, author of the Senate bill, said moving the staff under PSC control would allow more efficient operation. He said he’s heard complaints that it’s hard for anyone, including commissioners, to communicate with or get information from the staff.

Rep. Gary Staples, R-Laurel, author of the House bill, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Increasing the number of commissioners, Carmichael said, “would give more people a voice, electing one in each congressional district.”

Mayor George Flaggs makes White House trip

Flaggs says he was also able to share with Trump’s team some of the things on city’s wish list, especially the need to invest in the crumbling infrastructure in Vicksburg. He says it will take millions to fix the Kemp Bottom Road Bridge that recently collapsed and leads to the main power plant in town. Flaggs says also he wants more money to help improve his more than 50-year-old water treatment plant that contributed to a citywide water outage last year.

“I will go to White House as many times as it takes to bring money to the City of Vicksburg,” said Flaggs.

Flaggs plans to return to the White House in March to talk with Trump about more issues facing Vicksburg.

 JJ Freedom for Nurse Practitioners

A little change to the nurse practitioner regulations is sure to ruffle some feathers in the medical community. The Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure is considering removing the limit on how far nurse practitioners can work from their supervising physician.

The Board’s regulations limit nurse practitioners to operating no more than 75 miles from their supervising physicians. However, the radius was 15 miles until only two years ago. The radius has been the topic of much debate as the medical community and politicians seek to expand access to health care in Mississippi.

MS Justice Institute takes issue with process AG Hood used on open meetings


Mississippi suing to continue monopoly control over alcohol

In Mississippi, alcohol shipments to an individual or business are illegal if the purchase is not made directly through the ABC. The complaint, which was filed in Rankin County Chancery Court, seeks injunctive relief against the following wine merchants: Wine Express, Inc. of Mt. Kisco, New York; The California Wine Club, of Ventura, California; Gold Medal Wine Club of Santa Barbara, California; and Bottle Deals Inc. of Syosset, New York.

During the course of the investigation by the AGO and DOR, agents attempted to make online purchases of wine from 63 vendors. Of those vendors, 22 of them (35%) sold and subsequently shipped products into Mississippi. The primary concern of those purchases were the ones made in the name of an underage person or delivered to a home without an individual over the age of 21 being there at the time of delivery.

Mississippi media going straight up 4th grade with fake pee bill

MBJ – PEE BILL — Mississippi would combat fake urine with ‘Urine Trouble’ law

WAPT – Mississippi would combat fake urine with ‘Urine Trouble’ law

Clarion Ledger – Drug test deceivers: urine trouble

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