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Madison County Journal editorial strips...

Madison County Journal editorial strips the bark off of McDaniel camp’s faux concern about Cochran

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 26, 2017

‘There they go again’ about Thad

If we could forget the disgraceful nursing home break-in plot his supporters hatched to exploit Mrs. Rose Cochran’s health, we would.

Now there’s the pack of wolves over at the Mississippi Conservative Daily, a libelous digital rag, licking their chops.

A recent post encourages followers to call Gov. Bryant and demand McDaniel be appointed to Cochran’s seat. But there is a problem, Cochran is back.

We’re reminded how shabbily they treated Sen. Stennis in the 1980s. Following surgery to amputate one of his legs in 1984, Sen. Stennis was recovering in a hospital as rumors swirled of a special election.

Reporters and columnists at the time called the politics “ghoulish” and “classless,” among other things.

Sen. Stennis served out his term in January 1989 and died in 1995.

The call by McDaniel supporters to push Cochran — or hoping he falls — over the cliff is just as ghoulish and classless.

To his credit, McDaniel, in one of his famous “Sponsored” Facebook posts, writes, “It’s no secret that Thad Cochran and I have significant political disagreements. But despite our differences, I hold no personal grudges against Thad. I want my two young sons to understand a valuable lesson — we should not allow political conflict to lessen our humanity. Tonight, my family and I are praying for Thad’s full and speedy recovery.”

But to his discredit, McDaniel “liked” Tweets regarding Sen. Cochran’s poor health, which referred to Cochran as having “cheated” McDaniel in the campaign and calling Cochran “swampy” and “scum.”

The swamp they hear draining could be their public pensions failing or their toilet not flushing if they’re not careful.

Are they gearing up for a Senate run against Wicker and using Cochran’s health to gin up support?

The swipes at Cochran’s health are an unfortunate reminder of the unpleasantnesses put upon us during the 2014?campaign.

Talk about naked political ambition.

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