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@msdemocrats chair @BobbyMoak tries to...

@msdemocrats chair @BobbyMoak tries to frame House Democrats’ special session antics

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 29, 2016


Mississippi Democratic Party Statement on Special Sine Die

Jackson, MS – Following sine die, Mississippi Democratic Party Chair, Bobby Moak, issued the following statement.

“House Democrats took the floor today to debate whether one-time funds taken from the Rainy Day Fund should be given carte blanche’ to the Governor to spend or go to specific areas where the state is now experiencing shortfalls and will experience shortfalls in the future. The Republican leadership whipped their members in line to stop debate on any amendments offered to address the shortfall problems they created.”

“Democrats offered amendments to make sure disaster funds, mental health programs and potential Zika virus funds would be available and that drinking water, sewer systems and restaurants would continue to be inspected. Republicans killed all of those efforts. Republicans own this budget with all the shortfalls, tax breaks to out-of-state corporations and cuts in services to our local communities included. Their party line has been ‘We knew what we were doing; we knew this would happen; and more is coming.’

“Democrats wanted to offer a logical and reasoned approach to continue funding local law enforcement, fire services, autism programs and mental health. They were stopped. Republicans will have to answer for that sooner rather than later.

“Democrats voted against final passage of this Special Session legislation because they did not want to turn a blind eye to the Republican leaderships’ efforts to simply transfer taxpayer dollars to a fund just to make sure the state’s checks to corporations didn’t bounce. Democrats wanted taxpayer money to go to services for which they were raised in the first place.”


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