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@BobbyMoak sends first fundraising...

@BobbyMoak sends first fundraising email to @msdemocrats, urges joining as a “yellow dog”

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 27, 2016

From Mississippi Democrat Party email:

Dear ______,

I’m ready to work with you to make sure our level-headed, common sense answers to problems created by the Republican leadership reaches all Mississippians.

Republicans have used ‘buzz words,’ not facts, to sell their failed ideas. It’s time we show our friends and neighbors the true disfunction of the failed policies Republicans in government have brought to Mississippi – from cities, to counties, to the state legislature.

Please join me. One way is to offer local support, another is financial. It doesn’t have to be big. Twenty bucks a month goes a long way. Please consider joining as a yellow dog – and if you can’t afford it – raise it! It’s that important.

Feel free to call our office and talk to us about issues that concern you.


Bobby Moak


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