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Daily Journal editorial wants...

Daily Journal editorial wants Legislature to clear up budget issues by July 1

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 17, 2016

DAILY JOURNAL – OUR OPINION: Fix the problem, clear money issues by July 1

Hood, the lone statewide elected Democrat, has been a critic of the bill from the onset.

In the official opinions, the attorney general’s office said trust funds were created in law to be administered by specific agencies, and the Budget Transparency and Simplification Act does not repeal those trusts. So, the agencies should keep on administering the trust funds that receive specific streams of revenue.

Important state services impacting thousands of Mississippians are at stake, and perhaps at risk, in the bottom line of this issue.

The best minds in the Capitol in both parties need to get together. Speed and diligence must be applied to fix this potentially nasty problem.

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