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PERRY breaks down #MSprimary delegate...

PERRY breaks down #MSprimary delegate allocation

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 17, 2016

BRIAN PERRY/Record Trump turnout

Delegate allocation is pending vote certification, but based on unofficial totals, Trump won 24 delegates and Cruz won 16 delegates. As the only two candidates breaking the 15 percent threshold statewide, Trump and Cruz split the at-large delegates 16 to 12 respectively. Trump won the most votes in each congressional district (but without a majority) so he took two congressional district delegates from each with Cruz in second place taking one in each district.

Trump and Cruz each won more votes than former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum won four years ago when he carried the state; and together, Trump and Cruz won more votes than all three top vote leaders four years ago.

The Mississippi GOP set an all-time state record turnout for a Republican presidential primary as more than 405,000 votes were cast; a greater than 25 percent increase over four years ago.

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