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Daily Journal’s Point-Counterpoint with Holliday, Hull discuss McDaniel #MSSen

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 10, 2014

POINT-COUNTERPOINT: McDaniel, good and bad, remains a point for debate


McDaniel’s camp does not understand the pain they are causing most African-Americans who voted in the Republican primary. Many blacks voted for Cochran on June 3, June 24, and plan to vote for him again in November. The defeated McDaniel’s complaints imply that if you are black and voted for Cochran then you were either coerced or paid to vote.

The pain of this Republican primary is real. God is teaching all Mississippians something special. Psalm 40:3 says sing a new song. After this election, Mississippi needs a new song. I am proud that many African-Americans felt comfortable voting in a Republican primary. Indeed, like U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, I will continue to reach out to people of all colors, and encourage them to embrace the ideas and principles that I believe are best. Imagine the future of Mississippi if the Tea Party and the Freedom Riders wrote a new song together in the birthplace of America’s music.



It’s not going to happen. Chris McDaniel and his venomous attacks have made certain of that.

I agree that McDaniel has every right to challenge the runoff. But, it’s not what he’s done, it’s how he’s done it.

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